1971 to 1990. Our Imports & their Progeny! Part two

Another chapter in our 50 year history.

(Aust Ch) ZERRINA of HIGH CLEAR (imp-NZ) W = 6-2-1974

Sire - (Ch) Persian War of Marlish (imp-UK)
Dam - Ursa of Nerrav (imp-UK)

Bred by High Clear Knls NZ ; Owned by San Rancho Knls.

'Zeena' was purchased at 4 months of age, and, like Ulysses, came from the
High Clear Kennels in NZ.A feminine bitch from the outset, she arrived with the
least amount of fuss and calmness for such a young puppy, however, to think that
she was dull was an error of judgement.

She was an early developer, and quickly gained success at the all breeds shows,
winning group awards in all her classes as she matured to an open bitch.

Zeena, like Aarron, was sired by Persian War of Marlish (imp-UK) and was out of
Ursa of Nerrav, who was imported
to N.Z. by Mr Bob Warren, a friend of Mrs McKain
of the High Clear Kennels.
Ursa was sired by (Ch) Grafmar of High Clear, who was
sired by
Yokel out of Xada of Nerrav (also imp-UK).

Both Maureen & I had the pleasure of seeing both Yokel and Xada, when in New
Zealand, who herself was a very dry and firm bitch.
Zeena gained her (Aust Ch)
title in a very short time, winning many Group awards, and also
BEST IN SHOW on 2 occasions.

She was exhibited very successfully and placed in the top bitches in her class at the
Royal Shows of
Adelaide, Melbourne, andSydney, where she finished 2nd Open Bitch.

was also exhibited at a number of Specialty Shepherd Dog Shows,
where she was placed on the odd occasion, and graded
very good.

After having maternal duties, she lost her firmness, and became too deep in the
body so she then became a matron and produced a couple of nice litters for us.

Her 1st litter in 1979 to Delridge Lothar (imp-UK)
produced our very
first home bred
Breed Surveyed animal in San Rancho Quintina a Class-2.

Zeena was not strong in colour, nor was Lotharand this was to become this pups
biggest downfall, although she did hold her own in the show ring in many shows.

Delridge Lothar (imp-UK) W=21/5/1977 A' Z' Cl-1

Sire - Lexicade Johnnie Be Good.
Dam - Delridge Camilla.

Bred by Beryl Budd of Delridge Knls in the (UK) and owned in partnership by
Mr J. Hammond and I. Cameron.

Lothar was purchased by Mr J. Hammond in the UK whilst on a business trip,
from Beryl Budd of the very well known and respected Delridge Kennels in England.

I believe Jim had the choice of 3 very nice dogs, including "Delridge Joll" who was
the litter
brother to Delridge Echo)
both of whom I had the good fortune to judge during
my career. Jim chose the younger one
because of his soft & gentle nature,
and I think his wife liked him too.!!!

I was contacted by the Hammonds who had apparently picked me out while Judging
in Tasmania some time before, and, on approaching me to see if I was willing to take
on a partnership with them in an
(Ian) will do the work, train, go through Survey,
X-rayed which he passed etc, and be campaigned, and live with us,
during his
time in the
show-ring and
Jim would foot the bills, which was fine by me.

So, being the handsome young dog that he was, and at 63 cm in size, ( you would
for that size now ?? ) we set out on the task of making him a show dog.

First to Survey = Class 1. Then to a couple of all breeds shows to get used to him
and him to me, which, using my experience about most of the All Breed judges,
I chose those who were keen to learn more about our breed, or who had travelled
overseas and had seen the type of dog that was now arriving here.

Lothar won 2 Best of Breeds and 2 Groups, but the real test was to come at his
1st specialist show, under the then President of the SV, Herr Herman Martin of
the famous Arminius Kennel in Germany.

This was the 1979
Ballarat National in Victoria, and although in the Intermediate class,
he was in 4th place for most of the class, but tired late in the gaiting, and finished
however, what was to become his Achilles heel, was his size, as at that time,
it seemed that just medium size was
"too small".

Lothar finally ended up on the Hammonds lounge, and lived a life of luxury
and affection.

As for us, it was certainly an experience that we enjoyed.

ZIGGA of LINERN (imp-UK) W=17-12-82.

Sire - Linern Manhattan of Bygoly
Dam - Biene v d Raubritterhohle

Bred by Mrs J. M Lloyd (UK)
Owned in Partnership by Mr I. Cameron & Mr K. Phillips.

Zigga was just over 2 yrs old, and was purchased by Kevin and myself whilst still in Australian
Quarantine. She had been purchased by another well known kennel, but for reasons we were to
sadly find out later, what we were
not told on purchase was the fact that she had Hip Dysplasia.
In other words

During this time, passing the x-ray was not as compulsory as it is today. The 'B' stamp was issued
in those
years, which has now been replaced by the Universal letter 'A'or "a" or in other countries 'a'.

Zigga was Breed Surveyed Class-1 and at about the same time and being a Specialist Judge,
I was obliged to set an example and have our dogs X-rayed, which I had always believed
in the schemes anyway.

She was X-Rayed after settling down with Maureen & myself, as Kevin & myself had purchased her
to breed from, unfortunately, her result came back
in almost the 40 mark! We were devastated, but
for the bitches sake and comfort, she was operated on for her condition and
desexed, and was given
to a lovely family,from which we had a Xmas card each year until she passed away.

Zigga and her lovely young family above.

These bottom two photo's are puppies out of
"Zerrina of High Clear" & by two different sires.!

San Rancho Odette

Dam = Ch Zerrina of High Clear (imp-NZ)

This litter by Nando out of Zeena, produced a drier and better type, than her previous litter.
Odette in particular, was much more successful in her confirmation classes, which included
2 Nationals, and many Specialist shows.

Her best 2 results were 4th Open bitch, and Very Good-Merit in Tasmania, and also
her High VG place at the National in South Australia.

San Rancho Puppies.

This litter was sired by "Bratara Xantos" and was of mixed results.

It gave us
2 nice bitches, who were anatomically sound in Portia and Pretend.
"Portia" in particular was VP 10th at the German Shepherd Dog League of NSW Aquillani show .

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